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Can I get a tattoo consultation on the same day of the appointment.

Unfortunately we can't offer a consultation on the same day of an appointment. This rule is applied across the board whether you're local, driving in from Atlanta, or flying in from California. The only exception to this policy is if you're visiting a guest artist or if you book an all day appointment.  


There are several reasons for this policy.  


1) We won't know how long to schedule you for.  Your tattoo may take 2 hours to draw and 3 hours to tattoo, however if we schedule you only for 3 hours then you have to leave with an unfinished tattoo so we can meet our next scheduled client.  


2) Most tattoos are designed better with time.  If you give us some time to draw your tattoo we can reflect upon it and revisit the drawing and make changes when our creativity hits us.  If you want us to draw a tattoo on the fly we understand that most likely it could have been better if you had followed our process of tattooing.


3) We don't accept all projects that clients come to us with.  You may come to us and have a consultation and your tattoo idea is just not something that we're comfortable with or interested in taking on.  At that point it becomes really awkward if you have an appointment scheduled immediately afterwards.



Collectively we have a lot of experience in our industry and the way we have our studio set up is the best for both our clients and for our staff.  Please respect our professional policies and understand that underlying between the inconvenience of not having a same day consultation and appointment are better tattoos.

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