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Do you tattoo minors?

The legal minimum age in Florida to get a tattoo is 16 years old. Anyone under the age of 16 absolutely cannot get tattooed under any circumstance.


We also are a more reserved studio and have a general policy of not tattooing minors under most circumstances.  All tattoos by minors will require a prior consultation first to describe the tattoo design, location, and the importance of the tattoo to the minor.  If the tattoo design or placement is something we feel will hinder the minor in their future we will turn it away.  If the minor doesn't fully understand that the tattoo is permanent and the maintenance that's required for tattoos as they age, then we will turn it away.  If the tattoo is a meaningless tattoo, we will turn it away.  


Both the artist and management have to approve any tattoos services performed on minors, so ensure that you make a consultation prior to wanting to get a tattoo so there will be sufficient approval time.  


Many may disagree with this policy, but we feel we must ethically and morally enforce this policy and fortunately are legally entitled to do so. 

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