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How much are piercings?

The cost of each piercing varies.  You can view our pricing by clicking here.

Be wary of cheap piercings.  Places that offer piercings for bargain basement prices generally sacrifice some aspect of safe piercing, whether it be using all one use, sterile sealed disposable items, quality of tools and needles, or quality of jewelry.  If you are just in the market for a cheap piercing, perhaps we are not the studio for you.  If you're in the market for a premium experience, sterile environment, and great jewelry, then we are. 

Please keep in mind that the prices do not include the cost of jewelry.  Be wary of places that will include jewelry in the price of the piercing as a majority of places will give you the cheapest quality jewelry possible, which will severely inhibit your healing process and increase chances of rejection or migration.  Many of these places buy jewelry from places such as metalmafia, monster steel, or painful pleasures.  These companies sell very low quality body jewelry, usually for between $.10 and $.50 each to your piercer - which is why they include it in the cost of their jewelry.  This is very low quality jewelry with poor alloys, poor finishes, and the quality will most likely harm your piercing instead of help.  


Do not put poor quality metal into an open wound.  You deserve better than that.  Go to for more information. 

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