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Do I need a consultation for a tattoo?

Consultations are required for all appointments. 

We are a custom studio which means we do not have an abundance of designs on the wall for you and 20 other people to get identical tattoos.  Consultations allow for a meet and greet between you and your artist, time to discuss the ideas related to your service, and time for the artist to draw up your designs to your satisfaction.


We are not a "production" tattoo studio, meaning that we do not specialize in getting people in and getting them out, but rather focus on the quality of the tattoo and happiness of our clients.  A consultation allows you and your artist time to perfect your design before we start tattooing.  


If you prefer to walk-in without an appointment then a consultation isn't required, however there is a very good chance that we will have to turn you away if your drawing is going to take a considerable amount to time.  


At the end of the day having a consultation and scheduling the appointment for a different day makes for a better tattoo.  That's the way we prefer to do it and we prefer clients who agree. 


We do offer online consultations for those who are out of our immediate area.  

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