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Do you offer a group or bulk rate?

Yes we do offer a group rate.  We call it "rent an artist".   


You get a 30% discount if you "rent an artist" for 8 hours and for this you get an artist to either draw, paint, or tattoo for 8 hours plus 3 1-hour breaks called by the artist for a total of 11 hours.  During this time one person or as many people as you'd like to get tattooed can.  One setup is included in this price and each person over one there is an additional $40 per person. 


Whether you want to split tattoo sessions with a friend to save on money or bring in a large group to have a legal "tattoo party" this is ideal as you'll save 30% over the retail price of our services.


Renting an artist is only available Monday - Thursday and is dependent  upon availability. 

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